Research Projects

This project aims to generate new insights on the impact of major technological shifts on the maritime industry and maritime trade. The project is to ....

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Funded by a grant from the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation, this is a follow-on from a pilot project funded by the NUS Business School HSS Seed Fun....

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Latest Case Studies

Xiaomi Corporation: Initial Public Offering

Prof Allaudeen Hameed, Assoc Prof Ruth Tan, Dr Weina Zhang and Mr Marshall Too (BBA graduated student)

30 June 2019

The initial public offering of the Chinese company, Xiaomi Corporation (Xiaomi), would start trading on the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Market....

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Changsheng Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. (China): Fallout from the Vaccines Scandal

Prof Thompson Teo and Mr Jailiang Liu (BBA student)

27 September 2019

In 2018, Changsheng Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (Changsheng), a leading biopharmaceutical company and one of the market leaders in vaccines, was found....

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In the News

Deconstructing the robot job ‘threat’
4 October 2019 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Asst Prof Sam Yam discusses the impact of robots and automation in the service industry.

A burning issue: Calculating the cost of the haze
23 September 2019 | TODAY

In a commentary, Low Tuck Kwong Distinguished Professor in Finance Sumit Agarwal discusses the impact of the haze in Singapore.

Why Vietnam has become a battleground for corporate governance standards
18 September 2019 | Forbes

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says Vietnam could struggle to conform to free trade agreement rules.

The rise of the superapps

Offering a multitude of services under one umbrella, several popular apps harbour ambitions for regional dominance.

A burning issue: Calculating the cost of the haze

Action to solve the haze issue requires incentives to change behaviour and the most powerful incentive is monetary.

The economics of relocating Indonesia’s capital

Indonesia's president says Jakarta can no longer cope with the heavy burden of being the nation's capital.

Zheng He’s generous approach to service excellence

How a 15th century Chinese admiral offers lessons in building a mind-set of service excellence.
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