Research Projects

Cultural Values and Successes in Team Sports

Assistant Professor Yam Kai Chi


Intuitively, the culture value of collectivism (rather than individualism) should be beneficial for team cooperation and, as a result, team success....

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Employees’ Work and Non-work Experiences

Assistant Professor Kim Sooyeol


Due to their authority and strategic position at work, leaders are considered important sources of influence to employees’ work-life and their pe....

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Latest Case Studies

billionBricks: Homes for the Homeless

Assoc Prof Sarah L. Y. Cheah and Mr Nawazish Parwez ((IIT Kharagpur)

16 January 2020

By late 2018, a Singapore-based non-profit organization, billionBricks, had completed seven projects, rehabilitating more than a thousand homeless ....

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AGC Group: Advancing Toward Vision 2025

Assoc Prof Nitin Pangarkar

2 December 2019

In early 2019, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (AGC), a diversified Japanese company, was at a critical juncture in its evolution. Three years earlier, AGC h....

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In the News

Seven measures to expect from Budget 2020
14 February 2020 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Simon Poh says the 2020 Budget will be aimed at growing the economy, helping Singapore face its external challenges and ensuring its long-term success.

How to master an MBA personal statement
12 February 2020 | Find MBA

Nicole Tee (Director, Graduate Studies) explains the importance of a personal statement on a person’s MBA application.

Economies of scale will be lost as global value chains become ‘fragmented’: Expert
10 February 2020 | CNBC

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri says the ongoing coronavirus outbreak will likely serve as a catalyst for companies to diversify their supply chains.

Is bike sharing about to bounce back?

New firms are emerging from the initial wreckage of bankruptcies and abandoned operations.

Contact is the key to successful diversity

Rather than a goal to be achieved or a box to be ticked, we should see harmony between different ethnicities as a work in progress.

The upside of an angry boss

"Moral cleansing theory" suggests bosses seek to make it up to employees after a confrontation.

Making ‘environment-plus’ the future of conservation

Environmentally concerned citizens should strive to make the environment a part of - and not apart from - any human activity.
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