Research Projects

Cultural Values and Successes in Team Sports

Assistant Professor Yam Kai Chi


Intuitively, the culture value of collectivism (rather than individualism) should be beneficial for team cooperation and, as a result, team success....

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Employees’ Work and Non-work Experiences

Assistant Professor Kim Sooyeol


Due to their authority and strategic position at work, leaders are considered important sources of influence to employees’ work-life and their pe....

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Latest Case Studies

Mobiuspace: Venturing into Emerging Markets

Dr Dai Yao, Assoc Prof Xingyu Chen (Shenzhen University), Dr Li Ji (Shenzhen University), Dr Ling Jiang (Shenzhen University) and Dr Shijie Lu (University of Houston)

27 April 2020

In mid 2019, Mobiuspace, a Chinese Internet company, faced a new challenge. As a result of declining revenues from domestic mobile Internet markets....

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Dr Dai Yao, Assoc Prof Xingyu Chen (Shenzhen University), Dr Ling Jiang (Shenzhen University) and Dr Li Ji (Shenzhen University).

20 April 2020

In 2016, China witnessed a significant rise in the knowledge economy. Many users, who had been used to consuming information on the Internet for fr....

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In the News

CEOs cutting salaries is mostly a ‘publicity stunt’
5 May 2020 | BBC

Prof Sumit Agarwal comments on CEOs who announced salary cuts during the coronavirus downturn.

Q1 labour market figures better than expected, but real storm is still ahead, economists say
29 April 2020 | CNA

Prof Kim Sun Bae comments on Singapore’s economic outlook. 

Export controls and the rise of US-China techno-nationalism
24 April 2020 | Technode

In a commentary, Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri discusses an escalating race to control technologies of the future.

Be the “Fool” that Crisis Leadership Needs

The truly effective leaders in dealing with crisis are those who are not afraid to be labelled as a fool.

Coping with COVID-19: lessons from the hospitality industry

An NUS Business School study finds out how the region’s hotels are coping with COVID-19.

US-China geopolitical rivalry in 2020 and beyond

With trust between the two powers almost completely broken down, how do we move forward?

Addressing the decline in tourist spending

Singapore needs to rethink its legacy positioning as a gateway to Asia.
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