Research Projects

Cultural Values and Successes in Team Sports

Assistant Professor Yam Kai Chi


Intuitively, the culture value of collectivism (rather than individualism) should be beneficial for team cooperation and, as a result, team success....

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Employees’ Work and Non-work Experiences

Assistant Professor Kim Sooyeol


Due to their authority and strategic position at work, leaders are considered important sources of influence to employees’ work-life and their pe....

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Latest Case Studies

Singapore Post Ltd.: Recurrent Service Failures

Prof Thompson S.H Teo, Mr Jitao Chen (BBA student), Ms Felicia Li Ping Lim (BBA student), Mr Yu Zhen Goh (BBA student), Mr Qian Bing Lim (BBA student), Ms Pei Yi Lee (BBA graduated student), Mr Shi Khin Tan (BBA graduated student), Mr Vanessa Jia Hui Kwa (BBA graduated student)

15 November 2019

For 160 years, Singapore Post had been one of Singapore’s main postal service providers, delivering trusted and reliable postal services to homes....

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Changsheng Bio-Technology Co. Ltd. (China): Fallout from the Vaccines Scandal

Prof Thompson Teo and Mr Jailiang Liu (BBA student)

27 September 2019

In 2018, Changsheng Bio-technology Co., Ltd. (Changsheng), a leading biopharmaceutical company and one of the market leaders in vaccines, was found....

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In the News

Building the business case to fight climate change
21 November 2019 | The Business Times

In a commentary, Assoc Prof Lawrence Loh explains the need for businesses to embrace sustainability.

Singapore calls for more global partners, including Chinese firms, in AI march
19 November 2019 | The Straits Times

Visiting Senior Fellow Alex Capri describes the pros and cons of accessing the Chinese market for AI firms.

Online shops hit new highs on Singles’ Day sales
12 November 2019 | The Straits Times

Assoc Prof Chu Junhong comments on China’s consumer trends on Singles’ Day.

Securing the nation’s future

Singapore's small size allows it to testbed many initiatives and trial alternatives before making decisions based on evidence.

Using options prices to predict stock returns

Lack of understanding and errant trades have led to options being perceived as a high-risk investment instrument.

Incentives for a greener approach to business

For businesses to fully accept the need for action on climate change, they must see that it is in their own self-interest to do so.

Deconstructing the robot ‘threat’

Advances in AI mean robots are now able to take on a growing number of roles working alongside human employees or replacing them entirely.
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