PANGARKAR, Nitin Academic Director, MBA and NUS-HEC Paris MBA Programs
Associate Professor (Educator Track)
Department:  Strategy & Policy Office:  BIZ1 6-46 Contact:  (65) 6516-5299 Email: Curriculum Vitae
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    • Internationalization Strategies Of Firms From Newly Industralizing Economies
    • High Performance Companies
    • Strategic Alliances
    • Journal Articles
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2018), "Location preemption by oligopolists: Evidence from the Singapore supermarket industry", Journal of Strategic Management, 11, 1, 131 - 146
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2018), "The formula for successful innovation at SAS: Integrating internal and external knowledge", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 37(2), 24-31
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Yuan, L. and Hussain, S. (2017), "Too much of a good thing? Alliance portfolio size and alliance expansion", European Management Journal, 35(4), 477-485
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "Do firms learn from alliance terminations? An empirical examination (vol 46, pg 982, 2009)", Journal of Management Studies, 53(8), 1388
      • Wu, J., Pangarkar, Nitin and Wu, Z. (2016), "The moderating effect of technology and marketing know-how in the regional-global diversification link: Evidence from emerging market multinationals", International Business Review , 25(6), 1273-1284
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "Discovering Diamonds Amid Coal: A Strategic Approach to Creating Value Through Acquisitions", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 36(1), 41-55
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "A framework for effective crisis response ", Journal of Organizational Change Management, 29(4), 464-483
      • Yuan, L. and Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "A contingent view on the importance of inertia and mimicry in location choices by Chinese multinational corporations ", International Journal of Business and Emerging Markets, 8(3), 255-275
      • Yuan, L., Qian, X. and Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "Market timing and internationalization decisions: A contingency perspective", Journal of Management Studies, 53(4), 497-519
      • Yuan, L., Pangarkar, Nitin and Wu, J. (2016), "The interactive effect of time and host country location on Chinese MNCs’ performance: An empirical investigation", Journal of World Business, 51(2), 331-342
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2016), "Investing in Durable Assets to Achieve Superior Performance: Restoring Tiger Balm's Roar", Global Business and Organizational Excellence, 35(2), 6-17
      • Jain, N. K., Pangarkar, Nitin, Yuan, L. and Kumar, V. (2015), "Internationalization of Indian software firms through establishment of global development centers: A contingency perspective", Multinational Business Review, 23(2), 90-110
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2015), "Performance implications of strategic changes: An integrative framework", Business Horizons, 58(3), 295-304
      • Yuan, L. and Pangarkar, Nitin (2015), "Performance implications of internationalization strategies for Chinese MNCs", International Journal of Emerging Markets, 10(2), 272-292
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Jie Wu (2013), "Alliance formation, partner diversity, and performance of Singapore startups", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30 (3), 791-807, Springer US
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Sairah, H (2013), "Internationalization of Singapore SMEs: Drivers and performance outcomes", International Studies of Management & Organization, 43 (2), 30-55, Summer 2013
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and WU Jie (2012), "Industry globalization and the performance of emerging market firms: Evidence from China", International Business Review , 21 (2), 196-209
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, M Pharoah, D V Hutmacher and S Champ (2010), "Advanced tissue sciences Inc: Learning from the past, a case study for regenerative medicine", Regenerative Medicine, 5(5), 823-835
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and WU Jie (2010), "The bidirectional relationship between competitive intensity and collaboration: Evidence from China", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 27, 503-522
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and LIN Yuan (2010), "Inertia versus mimicry in location choices by chinese multinationals", International Marketing Review, 27(3), 295-315, (United Kingdom)
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and LIN Yuan (2009), "Location in internationalization Strategy: Determinants and consequences ", Multinational Business Review, 17(2), 37-68
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2008), "Internationalization and Performance of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises", Journal of World Business, 43, 475-485
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, J Wirtz and L Heracleous (2008), "Managing Human Resource for Service Excellence and Cost Effectiveness at Singapore Airlines", Managing Service Quality, 18 (1), 4-19
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2007), "Survival during crisis: Alliances by Singapore firms", British Journal of Management, 18, 209-223
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and WU Jie (2006), "Rising to the Global Challenge : Strategies for Emerging Market Firms", Long Range Planning, 39(3), 295-313
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2006), "Timing, Trust and Transparency : Wage restructuring at GlaxoSmithKline", Asian Case Research Journal, 10(2), 249-259
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Junius R Lie (2004), "The Impact of Market Cycle on the Performance of the Singapore Acquirers", Strategic Management Journal, 25(12), 1209-1216
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2004), "Shifting Sands at the hour glass: The case of a family business in transition", International Journal of Management Cases, 6(3-4), 30-43, United Kingdom
      • Saul Klein and Pangarkar, Nitin (2004), "The Impact of Control on Joint Venture Performance: A Contingency Approach", Journal of International Marketing, 12(3), 86-107
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Hendry Lim (2003), "Performance of Foreign Direct Investment from Singapore", International Business Review , 12(5), 601-24
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      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2003), "Invention and Business Performance in the Tissue Engineering Sector", Tissue Engineering Journal, 9(6), 1313-22
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      • Pangarkar, Nitin and LEE Henry (2001), "Joint ventures strategies and success: An empirical study of Singapore firms", Journal of Asian Business, 17(3), 1-13
    • Books/Monographs
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Wu, J. (2015), "Structural strategies for mitigating transactions costs in multipartner alliances ", 217-227, In T. K. Das (Ed.), Managing Multipartner Strategic Alliances, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Wu, J. (2015), "Licensing versus joint venture: An analysis of choices by Singaporean small-and medium-sized enterprises", 207-222, In T. K. Das (Ed.), Strategic Alliances for SME Development, Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Agarwal, M. (2015), "Usha Martin: Competitive advantage through vertical integration", 347-359, In C. W. L. Hill, G. Jones, & M. Schilling (Eds.), Strategic Management: An Integrated Approach Theory & Cases, Cengage Learning
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      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Jain, N. K. and Yuan, L. (2014), "Do service firms prefer domestic expansion despite prior international experience: The case of Indian software MNEs", Vol 15, 181-206, In C. Pattnaik, & V. Kumar (Eds.), International Finance Review, Emerald Group Publishing Limited
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      • Singh, K., Pangarkar, Nitin and Heracleous, L. (2014), "Business strategy in Asia: A casebook", 4th ed., Lulu Press Inc.
      • Pangarkar, Nitin (2011), "High Performance Companies: Successful Strategies from the World`s Top Achievers", John Wiley and Sons
      • Pangarkar, Nitin and Wu, Jie (2011), "Cognitive dissimilarity among rivals about the state of competition and technology alliance formation", Behavioral Perspectives on Strategic Alliances, ed. Das T K, 205-225. Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing, 21 pp
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Lam, Long Wai and J Wu (2009), "Acquisitions in the chinese real estate industry and the two stage privatization process", Advances in Mergers and Acquisitiions, United States, v.8,p.119-140
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Kulwant Singh and Loizos Heracleous "Business Strategy in Asia: A Casebook", Thomson Learning, 2003 (1st edition);2005 (2nd edition) and 2010 (3rd edition)
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Loizos Heracleous and Jochen Wirtz "Flying High in a Competitive Industry : Singapore Airlines", McGraw Hill, 2006 (1st edition) and 2009 (2nd edition)
      • Pangarkar, Nitin, Wirtz, J and L. Heracleous "The role of HRM in achieving service excellence and cost effectiveness at SIA: For competitive advantage", Cases in Human Resource Management, ed. Sumati Reddy, 146-161, Punjagutta Hyderabad: The Icfai University Press, 2008. 16pp
    • Faculty Outstanding Educator Award (NUS) - 2010
    • University Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (NUS) - 2010
    • Best Paper, co-authored with doctoral student - Asia Academy of Management, Taipei - 2008
    • Favourite Professor - NUS MBA Alumni - 2007
    • Faculty Outstanding Educator Award Recognition List (NUS) - 2005
    • Faculty Outstanding Educator Award Recognition List (NUS) - 2004
    • University Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (NUS) - 2004
    • School of Business nominee for the Outstanding Educator Award, NUS - 2004
    • NUS Excellent Teachers - 2003
    • Outstanding Service Award, NUS Business School - 2003
    • Outstanding Educator Award, NUS Business School - 2002
    • University Annual Teaching Excellence Awards (NUS) - 2002
    • Ph D, Business Administration, University of Michigan, USA, 1993
    • MBA., University of Delhi, India, 1984
    • Bachelor of, Mechanical Engineering, Nagpur University, India, 1982
    • Associate Professor, Department of Business Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 2000 - current
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Business Policy, Faculty of Business Adminstration, National University of Singapore, 1994 - 2000
    • Visiting Professor, Helsinki School of Economics, Finland, 1999
    • Visiting Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration, University of Minnesota, 1992 - 1994
    • Teaching and Research Assistant, University of Michigan, 1987 - 1992
    • The Emergence of Chindia and Implications for Strategy, Finnish Business Council in Singapore, 2008
    • Achieving Cost Effective Service Excellence - Lessons from Singapore Airlines, Civil Service College, 2006
    • Manager (Strategic Planning), Hindustan Computers Ltd, India, 1984 - 1987
    • Sri Lanka Telecom
    • CitiGroup Private Bank
    • DuPont, Singapore
    • BLD3001, Business Leadership Case Analysis
    • BBP5000, Global Strategic Management
    • BMA5104, Global Strategic Management
    • BMA5013, Corporate Strategy
    • Membership of professional bodies, Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, Asia Academy of Management
    • Conference Organization (Chair), Asia Pacific Journal of Management Conference on the Asian Multinational Corporation; Asia Academy of Management Conference (2000)
    • External Examiner/Advisor, SIM University and University of Otago
    • PhD and MSc thesis examiner, University of Auckland, Asian Institute of Technology
    • Editorships , Associate Editor, Asian Case Research Journal, Asia Pacific Journal of Management
    • Editorial Board membership , Journal of World Business, Journal of Asia Business Studies, Strategic Management Journal
    • Leadership of professional bodies, Vice President, Asia Academy of Management, 2006-2010; Secretary, Asia Academy of Management, 2002-2006
    • Reviewing, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of World Business, British Journal of Management, Journal of Management, International Business Review; Global Strategy Journal; Organization Studies
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