Andrew Karl
DELIOS, Andrew Karl Professor Department:  Strategy & Policy Office:  BIZ1 6-31 Contact:  (65) 6516-3094 Email: Curriculum Vitae

Andrew Delios is a Professor in the Department of Strategy & Policy, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore. He completed his PhD in 1998 at the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. He became a Fellow of the Academy of International Business in 2013. 

Andrew is an author or co-author of more than 80 published journ ...[More+]

/ Teaching
& Awards
    • Survival And Performance Of Foreign Subsidiaries
    • Japanese Foreign Direct Investment
    • Japan
    • International Strategy
    • International
    • Foreign Entry Mode And Location Strategies
    • Foreign Direct Investment
    • Corporate Strategy
    • China
    • Asia
    • Journal Articles
      • Singh, D. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2017), "Corporate governance, board networks and growth in domestic and international markets: Evidence from India", Journal of World Business, 52(5), 615-627
      • Delios, Andrew Karl (2017), "The Death and Rebirth (?) of International Business Research", Journal of Management Studies, 54(3), 391-397
      • Miller, S. R., Lavie, D. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2016), "International intensity, diversity and distance: Unpacking the internationalization-performance relationship", International Business Review , 25(4), 907-920
      • Yang, J. Y., Li, J. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2015), "Will a second mouse get the cheese? Learning from early entrants' failures in a foreign market", Organization Science, 26(3), 908-922
      • Taussig, M. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2015), "Unbundling The Effects of Institutions On Firm Resources: The Contingent Value Of Being Local In Emerging Economy Private Equity", Strategic Management Journal, 36(12), 1845-1865
      • Gaur, A. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2015), "International Diversification of Emerging Market Firms: The Role of Ownership Structure and Group Affiliation", Management International Review , 55(2), 235-253
      • O'Brien, J. P., David, P., Yoshikawa, T. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2014), "How capital structure influences diversification performance: A transaction cost perspective", Strategic Management Journal, 35(7), 1013-1031
      • Corbett, A., Cornelissen, J., Delios, Andrew Karl and Harley, B. (2014), "Variety, Novelty, and Perceptions of scholarship in research on management and organizations: An appeal for ambidextrous scholarship", Journal of Management Studies, 51(1), 3-18
      • Corbett, A., Cornelissen, J., Delios, Andrew Karl and Harley, B. (2013), "Strategizing and Operating Through Our Values: JMS at 50", Journal of Management Studies, 50(8), 1349 - 1357
      • Ma, X., Delios, Andrew Karl and Lau, C. M. (2013), "Beijing or Shanghai the strategic location choice of large MNEs' host-country headquarters in China", Journal of International Business Studies, 44(9), 953-961
      • Colpan, A. M., Delios, Andrew Karl and Hikino, T. (2013), "How does export commitment and product diversity affect the international scope-firm performance relationship?: Evidence from Japan", Asian Business & Management Journal, 12(1), 142-172
      • Mudambi, R., Navarra, P. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2013), "Government regulation, Corruption and FDI", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30(2), 487-511
      • Fang, Y., Wade, M., Delios, Andrew Karl and Beamish, P. W. (2013), "An exploration of multinational enterprise knowledge resources and foreign subsidiary performance", Journal of World Business, 48(1), 30-38
      • Zhou, N. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2012), "Diversification and diffusion: A social networkds and institutional perspective", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 29(3), 773-798
      • Hashai, N. and Delios, Andrew Karl (2012), "Balancing growth across geographic diversification and product diversification: A contingency approach", International Business Review , 21(6), 1052-1064
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Floyd, Steven W., Joep P. Cornelissen and Mike Wright (2011), "Processes and practices of strategising and organising: Review, development and the role of bridging and umbrella constructs", Journal of Management Studies, Volume 48, Issue 5, 933–952
      • Delios, Andrew Karl (2011), "Experience and a firm's performance in foreign markets: A commentary essay", Journal of Business Research, 64, 227-229, DOI:10.1016/j.jbusres.2010.01.002, 2011
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Goerzen, Anthony and Stephen Sapp (2010), "Investor response to environment risk in foreign direct investment", Management International Review , 50(6), 683-708
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Kim, Tai-Young and Dean Xu (2010), "Organizational geography, experiential learning, and subsidiary exit: Japanese foreign expansions in China, 1979-2001", Journal of Economic Geography, 10(4), 579-597
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, David, Parthiban, Jon P. O'Brien and Toru Yoshikawa (2010), "Do shareholders or stakeholders appropriate the rents from corporate diversification? The influence of ownership structure", Academy of Management Journal, 53(3), 636-654
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Cornelissen, Joep P. and Steven W. Floyd (2010), "Great strides in management studies: Introducing a new series of reflections on classic JMS articles", Journal of Management Studies, 47(3), 533-536, Editorial
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Xufei, Ma (2010), "China in 2010", Ivey Business Journal, 74, Online version
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Xufei, Ma (2010), "Host country headquarters and an MNE's subsequent within-country diversifications", Journal of International Business Studies, 41 (April), 517-525
      • Delios, Andrew Karl (2010), "How can organizatiions be competitive but dare to care?", Academy of Management Perspectives, 25(3), 24-35
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Kimberly Boal and Xia, Jun (2009), "When experience meets environmental change: Foreign entry attempts of U.S. firms in eleven transition economies", Strategic Management Journal, 30, 1286-1309
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Xuejuan Zhao and Paul W Beamish (2009), "The evolution of Japanese investment in China: From toys to textiles to business process outsourcing", Asia Pacific Business Review, 15 (3), 323-345, Special Issue
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Wu, Zhonghua (2009), "The emergence of portfolio restructuring in Japanese firms (1998-2005)", Management International Review , 49(3), 313-335
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Zhou Nan and Wei Wei Xu (2008), "Learning from owners: Ownership structure and the diversification of chinese firms", Business Horizons, 51 (6), 473-483
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Gelbuda, Modestas and Klaus Meyer (2008), "International business and institutional development in central and eastern europe", Journal of International Management, 14 (1), 1 - 11, Special issue on International Business and Institutional Development in Central and Eastern Europe
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Azemar, Celine (2008), "Tax competition and FDI: The special case of developing countries", Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 22 (1), 85-108
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Dean Xu and Paul W Beamish (2008), "Within-country product diversification and foreign subsidiary performance", Journal of International Business Studies, 39, 706-724
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Ajai Singh Gaur and Shige Makino (2008), "Foreign market entry, competition and imitation among Japanese firms, 1980-1998", Journal of Management Studies, 45 (1), 169-195
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Qian, Lihong (2008), "Internationalization and experience: Japanese banks' international expansion, 1980-1998", Journal of International Business Studies, 39(2), 231-248
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Fang, Yulin, Michael Wade and Paul W Beamish (2007), "International diversification, subsidiary performance and the mobility of knowledge resources", Strategic Management Journal, 28 (7), 41609
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Garg, Miti (2007), "Survival of the foreign subsidiaries of emerging economy multinationals: The influence of business group affiliation", Journal of International Management, 13 (3), 278-295, Special issue on the Globalization of Third World Multinationals
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Gaur, Ajai and SINGH, KULWANT (2007), "Institutional environments, staffing strategies, and subsidiary performance", Journal of Management, 33 (1), 611-636
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Ma, Xufei (2007), "A new tale of two cities: Japanese FDIs in Shanghai and Beijing, 1979-2003", International Business Review , 16 (2), 207-228, Special Issue on Foreign Direct Investment in East Asia's Transsitional Economies: Perspectives on Development and Transition
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Peng, Mike W (2006), "What determines the scope of the firm over time and around the world? An Asia Pacific perspective", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 23 (4), 385-405, Special Issue on Conglomerates and Business Groups in the Asia Pacific
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Fey, Carl F. and Alice DeKoning (2006), "How similar is the world in the internet era: A comparison of eBusiness in China, Russia, and Sweden", Thunderbird International Business Review, 48(5), 727-748
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Nan Zhou and Zhi Jian Wu (2006), "A new perspective on ownership identities in China's listed companies", Management and Organization Review, 23(3), 319-343
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Tina Dacin (2005), "Editor's Introduction: The Special Issue on Networks in the Asia Pacific", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 22(4), 315-320
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Zhi Jian Wu (2005), "Legal person ownership, diversification strategy and firm profitability in China", Journal of Management and Governance, 9 (2), 151-169
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Paul W Beamish (2005), "Regional and global strategies of Japanese firms", Management International Review , 45 (Special Issue 1), 19-36
      • Delios, Andrew Karl (2005), "Editorial Work: The APJM since january 2004: On the move", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 22(4), 315-320
      • Paul W Beamish and Delios, Andrew Karl (2005), "Selling China: Looking back and looking forward", Management and Organization Review, 1(2), 309-313
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Andrew C. Inkpen and Jerry Ross (2004), "Escalation in international strategic alliances", Management International Review , 44(4), 457-469
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Paul W. Beamish (2004), "Joint venture performance revisited: Japanese foreign subsidiaries worldwide", Management International Review , 44(1), 69-91
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Cyril Bouquet and Louis Hebert (2004), "Foreign expansion in service industries: Separability and human capital intensity", Journal of Business Research, 57 (1), 35-46
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      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Shige Makino (2003), "Timing of entry and the foreign subsidiary performance of Japanese firms", Journal of International Marketing, 11(3), 83-105
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Witold J. Henisz (2003), "Political hazards and the sequence of entry by Japanese firms, 1980-1998", Journal of International Business Studies, 34(3), 227-241, DOI: 10.1057/palgrave.jibs.8400031
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Changhui Zhou and JingYu Yang (2002), "The location of Japanese foreign direct investment in China", Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 19(1), 63-86
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Anand Jaideep (2002), "Absolute and relative resources as determinants of international acquisitions", Strategic Management Journal, 23(2), 119-134
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      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Anand Jaideep (1997), "Location specificity and the transfer of downstream assets to foreign subsidiaries", Journal of International Business Studies, 28(3), 579-604
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Anand Jaideep (1997), "Escorts case series", Asian Case Research Journal, 1(1), 77-101
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Makino, Shige (1996), "Local knowledge transfer and performance: Implications for alliance formation in Asia", Journal of International Business Studies, 27(5), 905-928
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Anand Jaideep (1996), "Competing globally: How Japanese MNCs have matched goals and strategies in India and China", Columbia Journal of World Business, 31(3), 60-74, "Reprinted as ""Japanese Foreign Direct Investment: Matching Goals and Strategies"" 1997, CHEMTECH, 27(10):50-56"
      • Delios, Andrew Karl and Jaideep Anand (1995), "Canadian business in India: A dream deferred or a dream shattered", Business Quarterly, 60(2), 22-31
    • Books/Monographs
      • Delios, Andrew Karl, Wu, Z. and Day, P. (2014), "China 88: The real China and how to deal with it", Pearson International
    • Department Outstanding Researcher Award (NUS) - 2003
    • Faculty Outstanding Researcher Award (NUS) - 2003
    • PhD, University of Western Ontario, Canada, 1998
    • MBA, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1991
    • BBA, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1987
    • Professor, Department of Strategy and Policy, NUS Business School, National University of Singapore, 2010 - current
    • Associate Professor, Department of Business Policy, School of Business, National University of Singapore, 2001 - 2009
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Management of Organizations, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong, 1998 - 2001
    • Visiting Lecturer, Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland, 1997
    • Adjunct Professor, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, 1997
    • BMA5112, Asia Pacific Business
    • BSP2005, Asian Business Environments
    • BZ5782, Seminar In Strategic Management 2
    • BZ2005, Asia Pacific Business
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