LIU, Qizhang Associate Professor (Educator Track) Department:  Analytics & Operations Office:  BIZ1 8-65 Contact:  (65) 6516 5822 Email:  bizlqz@nus.edu.sg Curriculum Vitae
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    • Discrete Optimization
    • Operations Management
    • Transportation And Logistics
    • Behavioural Study
    • Journal Articles
      • Wang G H, Zhong Y G, Teo, Chung Piaw and Liu, Qizhang (2015), "Flow-based accessibility measurement: The place rank approach", Transportation Research Part C-Emerging Technologies, 56, 335-345
      • Shu J., Chou, Mabel, Liu, Qizhang, Teo, Chung Piaw and Wang I.L. (2013), "Models for Effective Deployment and Redistribution of Bicycles within Public Bicycle-Sharing Systems ", Operations Research, 61, 6, 1346-1359
      • Liu, Qizhang, Kim-Lin Chew, Johnny Phang, Ou Jihong and Teo Chung Piaw (2001), "An Optimization Based Approach to the Train Operator Scheduling Problem at Singapore MRT", Annals of Operations Research, 108(1-4), 111-122
      • Liu, Qizhang and H.P. Yap (2000), "Edge colorings of K2n with a prescribed condition", Discrete Mathematics, 212( 3), 233–244
      • H.P. Yap and Liu, Qizhang (1999), "Edge Colouring of K2n with Spanning Star-Forests Receiving Distinct Colours", Graphs and Combinatorics, 15(2), 249-255
      • Liu, Qizhang, Chen Bor-Liang, Dong Lei and Huang Kuo-Ching (1999), "Total Colouring os Equibipartite Graphs", Discrete Mathematics, 194, 59-65
      • H. P. Yap and Liu, Qizhang (1999), "Proof of a conjecture of Alan Hartman", Journal of Graph Theory, 30(1), 7–17
    • Books/Monographs
      • Liu, Qizhang and Goh, Mark (2015), "Ta-Q-Bin Service Excellence and Innovation in Urban Logistics", Ta-Q-Bin Service Excellence and Innovation in Urban Logistics
      • Liu, Qizhang and Goh, Mark (2015), "Ta-Q-Bin Service Excellence and Innovation in Urban Logistics", Springer
    • Conference/Seminars
      • Edna Chan, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah, Liu, Qizhang and Zhiwei Lu (2018), "Effect of Gamification on Intrinsic Motivation", HCI International 2018 Conference
      • Liu, Qizhang (2017), "System Facilitated Teamwork and Problem Solving Skills Assessment", ICERI2017 (10th Annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation)
      • Liu, Qizhang, H.C. Lau and H. Ono (2002), "Integrating Local Search and Network Flow to Solve the Inventory Routing Problem", Sep-14, 19th National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
      • Liu, Qizhang, H.C. Lau and Y. F. Lim (2001), "Diversification of Search Neighbourhood via Constraint-Based Local Search and its Applications to VRPTW", Also presented at INFORMS Meeting, Salt Lake City, 2000, 3rd International Workshop on Integration of AI and OR Techniques (CP-AI-OR)
      • Liu, Qizhang, H.C. Lau and A. Lim (2000), "Solving a Supply Chain Optimization Problem Collaboratively", 780 - 785, National Conf. on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)
      • Liu, Qizhang and H.C. Lau (1999), "Collaborative Model and Algorithms for Supporting Real-time Distribution Logistics System", CP99 Workshop on Large Scale Combinatorial Optimization and Constraints
      • Liu, Qizhang, H.C. Lau, Dennis Seah and Sidney Chong (1998), "An Efficient Near-exact Algorithm for Large-Scale Vehicle Routing with Time Windows", Korea, 5th World Congress on Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • NUS Teaching Excellence Award 2016/2017
    • NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2016/2017
    • NUS Business School Teaching Excellence Award 2015/2016
    • NUS Business School Outstanding Educator Award 2014/2015
    • PhD, Mathematics, National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1998
    • B. Sc, Computational Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), China, 1994
    • Senior Lecturer, Department of Analytics and Operations, NUS, 2011 - current
    • Adjunct Assistant Professor, National Unversity of Singapore, 2007 - 2011
    • Senior Lecturer, School of Maths and Science, Singapore Polytechnic, 2005 - 2011
    • Teaching Fellow, National University of Singapore, 1999 - 2001
    • Associate Research Staff, Kent Ridge Digital Labs, 1997 - 1999
    • Principal Consultant, 3elogic Consultancy Pte Ltd, 2011 - current
    • Associate Consultant, Integrated Decision Systems Consultancy (IDSC) Pte Ltd, 2005 - 2008
    • Consultant, DecisionCraft Analytics, India, 2005
    • Principal Solutions Consultant, Asprecise Pte Ltd, Singapore, 2001 - 2005
    • Member, AAAI, 2001
    • Member, Shenzhen Hi-tech Expert Committee, 2004
    • Member, IEEE, 2001

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