ARVEY, Richard Visiting Professor Department:  Management & Organisation Office:  BIZ1-7-39 Contact:  +65-6516-6434 Email: Curriculum Vitae

Dr Richard Arvey is a Professor at Department of Management and Organisation, National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. He is also the Director of Centre for Strategic Leadership (CSL) at the School and a Fellow of the Division of Industrial/Organisational Psychology and American Psychological Association. 

Prior to joining NUS Business School, h ...[More+]

/ Teaching
    • Work Redesign And Training And Development
    • Motivation And Job Satisfaction
    • Performance Appraisal
    • Job Analysis
    • Discrimination And Bisas In Selection And Employment
    • Employment Testing
    • The Employment Interview
    • Selection And Placement Of Employees
    • Journal Articles
      • LIM, Sandy, ILIES, Remus, Koopman J, Christoforou P and ARVEY, Richard (2016), "Emotional mechanisms linking incivility at work to withdrawal and aggression at home: An experience-sampling study", Journal of Management
      • Li W D, WANG N, ARVEY, Richard, SOONG R, SAW S M and SONG, Zhaoli (2015), "A mixed blessing? Dual mediating mechanisms in the relationship between dopamine transporter gene DAT1 and leadership role occupancy", Leadership Quarterly, 26, 5, 671-686
      • ARVEY, Richard, Spisak, B.R., Grabo, A. and Vugt, M. Van (2014), "The age of exploration and exploitation: Younger leaders endorsed for change and older leaders endorsed for stability", Leadership Quarterly, 25, 805-816
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      • ARVEY, Richard, Li, W.D., Wang, N., Soong, R., Saw, S.M and Song, Z. (2014), "A mixed blessing? Dual mediating mechanisms in the relationship between dopamine transporter gene DAT1 and leadership role occupancy", Leadership Quarterly, in press
      • ARVEY, Richard and Tong, Y.K (2014), "Managing complexity via the competing values framework", Journal of Management Development, in press
      • ARVEY, Richard, Spranger, J.L., Colarilli, S.M., Dimotakis, N. and Jacob, J.C (2012), "Effects of kin density within family owned businesses", Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 119, 151-162
      • ARVEY, Richard and Tong, Y.K (2012), "Investigating the cross-cultural applicability of the personal reaction blank using American and Singaporean respondent groups", International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 20, 376-381
      • ARVEY, Richard, Chaturvedi, S. and Christoforou, P (2012), "Genetics basis of leadership: The mediating role of hope", Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 18, 469-479, Paper presented at AOM Conference, August 2011. Awarded one of the Best Papers to be published in the proceedings
      • ARVEY, Richard, Chaturvedi, S., Zyphur, M., Avolio, B., Larrson G. and Lichtenstein P (2012), "Heritability of emergent leadership as a function of age and gender", Leadership Quarterly, 23, 219-232
      • ARVEY, Richard, Li, W., Zhang, Z. and Song Z (2012), "Do leadership role occupancy and transformational leadership share the same genetic and environmental influences?", Leadership Quarterly, 23, 233-243
      • ARVEY, Richard and Chan, M.L (2012), "The role of meta-analysis in the development of knowledge", Perspectives on Psychological Science, 7, 79-92, "This journal has a 5-year impact value of 7.18 and is the 5th ranked among top tier journals in psychology (the other four are Annual Review of Psychology, Psychologyical Bulletin, Psychology Review, and American Psychologist)"
      • ARVEY, Richard, Welsh, E.T., Danegota, D., Wiley, J. and Budd, J.W (2012), "Definitely smoke, but is there fire?: A study of the impact of exerutive compensation on employee attitudes", Personnel Review, 41, 260-282
      • ARVEY, Richard, Rajah, R. B. and Song, Z (2011), "Emotionality and leadership. Taking stock of the past decade of research", Leadership Quarterly, 22, 1107-1119
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      • ARVEY, Richard, SONG ZHAOLI and Li, W-D (2011), "Associations between dopamine and serotonin genes and job satisfaction", Journal of Applied Psychology, 96, 1223-1233, "Reported in Wall Street Journal column, Aug 22, 2011"
      • ARVEY, Richard, Thompson, L.F and Zhang Z (2011), "Genetic underpinnings of survey responses", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 32, 3, 395-412
      • ARVEY, Richard, Blonigen, D.M., Patrick, C.J., Bayevsky, M., Steffen, B, Ones, D.S., Baumgartle, V. and Nascimento, E (2011), "Delineating the construct network of the personnel reaction blank: Associations with externalizing tendencies and normal personality", Psychological Assessment, 23, 18-30
      • ARVEY, Richard and Chan, M.L (2011), "The role of forgiveness and anger in unfair events", Personality and Individual Differences, 50, 700-705
      • ARVEY, Richard, Park, K.W. and Tong, Y.K. (2011), "The generalizability of leadership", Leadership Quarterly, 22, 223-237
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      • ARVEY, Richard and Shane, S (2011), "Do leadership qualities come from genes?", Harvard Business Review , 48-51, (In Chinese)
      • ARVEY, Richard, Li W and Song Z (2010), "The influences of general mental ability, self-esteem and family socioeconomic status on leadership role occupancy and leader advancement: The moderating role of gender", Leadership Quarterly
      • ARVEY, Richard, Alexander G, Zyphur, M and Narayanan, J (2009), "The genetics of economic risk preferences", Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 22, 367-377
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      • ARVEY, Richard, Cole, D A, Hazucka J F and Hartanto F M (1985), "Statistical power of training evaluation designs", Personnel Psychology, 38, 493-507
    • Books/Monographs
      • ARVEY, Richard, Wang, N., Song, Z. and Li, W.D (2014), "The biology of leadership", In D. Day (Ed.), Oxford Handbook of Leadership and Organizations, pp 73-90, Oxford University Press
      • ARVEY, Richard and Rajah, R.B (2014), "Helping group members develop resilience", (in press), In A.J. DuBrin (ed), Handbook of Research on Crisis Leadership in Organizations, Edward Elgar Publishing
      • ARVEY, Richard and S. Collarelli (Eds) (2014), "The Biological Foundations of Organizational Behavior", University of Chicago Press
      • ARVEY, Richard, Dimotakis, N. and Schatten, J (2014), "Genetics factors in organizational psychology", (in press), In International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavior Science, 2nd Edition
      • ARVEY, Richard and Chaturvedi, S (2011), "Examining the genetic basis of leadership", In S.E. Murphy & R.J. Reichard (Eds.), Early Development and Leadership: Building the Next Geration of leaders, New York: Psychology Press/Routledge, 59-70
      • ARVEY, Richard and Renz, G (2008), "Law and motivation", In Work Motivation: Past, Present, and Future, R Kanfer, C Chen, & R D Pritchard (eds), New York: Routledge, 581-587
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      • ARVEY, Richard, Glomb, T M and Steel D G (2002), "Office sneers, snipes, & wounds: Antecedents, consequences, and implications of workplace violence and aggression", In Emotions at Work, R Klimoski & R Kanfer, SIOP Frontiers Series Volume
      • ARVEY, Richard, J Kammeryer-Mueller and H Liao (2001), "Downsizing and organizational performance: A review of the literature from a stakeholder perspective", In Research in Personnel and Human Resource Management, V 20, 269-330
      • ARVEY, Richard and Faley, R.A. (1988), "Fairness in Selecting Employees (2nd Ed.)", Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley
      • ARVEY, Richard (1979), "Fairness in Selecting Employees", Reading, Mass.: Addison-Wesley
    • Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA, 1970
    • M.Sc, Psychology, University of Minnesota, USA, 1968
    • Professor, NUS Business School, 2006 - current
    • Director, Center for Strategic Leadership, NUS Business School, 2011 - 2014
    • Head, Department of Management & Organisation, NUS Business School, 2007 - 2014
    • Professor, University of Minnesota, 1983 - 2006
    • Visiting Exchange Scholar, University of Lyon, France, 2000
    • Visiting Professor, University of California-Irvine, 1995 - 1996
    • Visiting Exchange Scholar, Keio University, 1988
    • Associate Professor, University of Houston, 1978
    • Visiting Professor, University of California, Berkeley, 1977 - 1978
    • Associate Professor, The University of Tennessee, 1974 - 1977
    • Assistant Professor, The University of Tennessee, 1971 - 1974
    • Senior Associate, Personnel Decisions, Inc. Minneapolis, 1969 - 1971
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